Industries Served

01 Retail

Keep stores clean and safe for employees and shoppers. We help with upkeep on both the inside facilities and the exterior presentation.

02 Restaurant

Each site needs to adhere to cleanliness standards and showcase the store's best features. Our team helps you keep up.

03 Grocery

Give your customers a clean, presentable store to shoot though. This can increase your sales and ensure that customers keep coming back.

04 Convenience

High amounts of foot traffic require extra care to keep floors and facilities looking their best. We take the burden off your team.

05 Financial

Ensuring each building is presentable helps protect your credibility with potential clients. Work with us to create a custom maintenance plan.

06 Childcare

With heavy traffic from caretakers, parents, and children, childcare facilities need special care when it comes to cleanliness.

07 Senior housing

Keep your housing fresh and presentable for residents and visitors with a daily, weekly, or monthly plan with SMG.

08 Hospitality

A reliable cleaning service is vital to meet hygiene requirements - we help you ensure your facility's safety, cleanliness, and appeal.

Our dedication to satisfaction

We stand behind our work and take pride in providing excellent cleaning and janitorial services to all our clients. Our team is here to help with any concerns, and we deliver fast issue resolution. 

Rely on SMG to protect the cleanliness, sanitation, and interior & exterior appeal of your buildings.

Custom solutions.
Professional cleaning.

Reach out to our professionals and see how we can help you develop a turnkey solution for your commercial facility cleaning.